We receive numerous telephone and email queries concerning garage design, so we have started this section of the web site so that we can answer some of the most commonly asked questions. We have grouped the questions together into sections for easy reference.
What is the average single garage size?
The average size of a single garage is 3m wide and 6m long. This is a metre longer than the minimum (see below) and allows for storage at the end of the garage.

What is the minimum garage size?
The minimum size of a garage is one that is big enough to house your car. Sounds obvious but that's the short answer, the size of popular uk cars can be found at car sizes. I would recommend that a minimum size of a garage should be 3m wide and 5m long internally. Now for the long answer, there are no minimum sizes for garages. The Building Regulations do not concern themselves with minimum sizes of rooms or buildings, there are no British Standards and there is no legal minimum. You may have seen a tv advert lately where a car manufacturer let you return your new car if you were not happy with the car and showed a customer you was unable to close the garage door because the car was too long. A bit of a joke but the reality is true, the average car has got bigger over the years. Singe Garage Size This BBC article talks about the why people are not using their garage's for parking the car.

A smart car can fit into a garage that is only 2.6m long yet a Jaguar XJ8 LWB needs at least twice as much 5.3m. 95% of UK cars are shorter than 5m long. The width of the garage should allow for the car door to open on the driver's side and a clearance space on the passenger's side. With the average width of cars being 1.8m and an allowance of 800mm for the door access and a clearance of 300mm on the passenger's side, then a minimum width of 2.9m is needed.

The diagram on the left shows our standard single car garage 3m wide by 6m long, this size of garage can accommodate a single car and provide acess around the vehicle. Consider having extra space at the end of the garage for perhaps a workbench, bicycles or for general storage.








Double Garage SizeWhat is the minimum size of a double garage?
The length of a double car garage is the same as the minimum garage size. The width of the garage need not be double the single car garage as savings can be made on the overlap of spaces. 300mm passengers side allowance plus 1.8m car plus 800mm door plus 1.8m car plus 800m door gives a minimum width of 5.5m. The diagram on the left shows the standard 6m x 6m double garage, this size of garage allows additional space around the cars for people to have access.

What is the ideal size of a double garage?
We would recommend that the minimum size of a double garage is 5.5m wide and 5m long and the ideal size of 6m wide and 6m long.


Garages come in all sizes, depending upon the size of the site available and your finances.We have a large range of garage plans to choose from, click on the garage plan size you are interested in the diagram below and you will be taken to our range of garages for that size.

garage sizes 3m x 5m garage 3.5m x 5m garage 4m x 5m garage 4.5m x 5m garage 5m x 5m garage 6m x 5m garage 7m x 5m garage 8m x 5m garage 9m x 5m garage 3m x 6m garage 3.5m x 6m garage 4m x 6m garage 4.5m x 6m garage 5m x 6m garage 6m x 6m garage 7m x 6m garage 8m x 6m garage 9m x 6m garage 3m x 7m garage 3.5m x 7m garage 4m x 7m garage 4.5m x 7m garage 5m x 7m garage 6m x 7m garage 7m x 7m garage 8m x 7m garage 9m x 7m garage 3m x 8m garage 3.5m x 8m garage 4m x 8m garage 4.5m x 8m garage 5m x 8m garage 6m x 8m garage 7m x 8m garage 8m x 8m garage 3m x 9m garage 3.5m x 9m garage 4m x 9m garage 5m x 9m garage 6m x 9m garage 7m x 9m garage 3m x 10m garage 3.5m x 10m garage 5m x 10m garage 6m x 10m garage

What if I want a garage that is not a standard size?
We can produce a garage plan to any size you require, you are not limited to the standard range of sizes. The standard garage sizes shown on our web site are examples of garages at various sizes and what can be achieved. If you have a specific size requirement please contact us for a quote. We usually take one of the standard plans and modify it to suit you size.

Measurement for disabled size garage?
Additional space is required within the garage to accommodate the use of a wheelchair and the access to and from a car. The minimum width of the garage should therefore be no less the 3.5m wide and ideally 4m wide internally. The length of the garage should also increase in size, ideally an internal length of 7m is needed.