Garage Plan Ref 3550AFSR

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3.5m x 5m Rendered Garage Plan with a Flat roof

3.7m x 5.45m Externally
17.5m² Ground Floor Area
4" side walls and 9" end walls
Single side door and window
7' x 7' Up and Over Garage Door

Height = 2.8m

This domestic single car garage is ideal for parking the car. With a slightly wider interior than the standard garage more room is available to open the car doors or moving around the car. This is the most basic type of garage available and is constructed in 4 inch side walls to keep construction costs to a minimum.

WARNING!!! This is the smallest length of garage available. It will be adequate for most saloon type cars but will NOT be long enough for the larger type cars. If you have the building space available please select the 6m long garage. Check the length of your car here. car sizes

Full customisation of this 3.5m wide garage is available