8m wide custom garage

8m wide
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Custom Design 8m wide Garage (Internally)

Design your own Garage Plan by using our simple questionnaire. You are in full control of the design of your new garage by simply selecting from the available options.

When specifying the length of the garage please give the internal measurement.

The Roof Type can either be a Gable ended roof or a hipped roof.

The normal Roof Pitch is 30 degrees, however you may choice one that is best for your site.

Ridge Direction normally runs parallel to the longest wall of the garage, where the garage is square or almost square the ridge can run in either direction.

Roof Finish can either be
Interlocking tiles, the minimum roof pitch must be 17.5 degrees
Concrete/clay Plain Tiles, the minimum roof pitch must be 35 degrees
Mineral Fibre Slates, the minimum roof pitch must be 20 degrees
Natural Slates, the minimum roof pitch must be 20 degrees

Eaves Type: Refers to the projection of the eaves, for small single car garages either a flush or a 100mm projection is normally provided. Where the garage is larger then the 250mm projection is normally used, except in conservation areas where a flush eaves may be needed.

Gutter: The shape and material used for the gutter should match that of your house.

Wall Finish: The wall finish should also match the house.

Pedestrian Door: All garages should have a Pedestrian door. RHS means that the pedestrian door will be on the right hand side of the garage. LHS means that the pedestrian door will be on the left hand side of the garage, Rear means the rear wall.

Garage Door Type: Using a roller shutter will raise the ceiling and garage height by approx 150mm.

Windows: All garages should have a window for extra light. The choice of location and number of windows is yours.

All views of the garage are taken from outside the garages main door looking at the garage