We receive numerous telephone and email queries concerning garage design, so we have started this section of the web site so that we can answer some of the most commonly asked questions. We have grouped the questions together into sections for easy reference.
Can I design my own garage?
We get asked to produce drawings for custom garages all the time. Just send us a sketch of the shape of the garage with the overall sizes and if possible we will produce the drawings for you. Sometimes we get designs for a garage that is not possible to build, don't worry we will advise you as to what is possible or what improvements can made to the design.

Does the garage have to be rectangular?
We have designed garages that are L shaped, T shaped and garages with annex's. The only limitation to the shape of the garage is the roof construction that requires that the front and rear walls are parallel and that the side walls are also parallel with each other.

What garage roof pitch should I use?
The roof of the garage should be pitched at the same angle as the roof of the dwelling. The norm is 30 degrees, but does vary across the country and with the period of the dwelling. Most older dwellings will have a 35 degree pitch roof and some modern dwelling have a 20 degree pitch roof. The roof finish will dictate the minimum pitch of the roof, most modern concrete tiles can be laid on roofs as low as 15 degrees, slates and manmade slates can be laid on roofs at 30 degrees, pantiles (small concrete or clay tiles) require 35 degrees. When designing the garage check with the roofing material manufacturer's guidelines for the specific roof pitch for that material. Your planning department may have special conditions within your area for roof pitches.

Can I sub divide the garage into rooms?
The larger the garage the easier it is to provide additional rooms, the concern is the purpose of the room. Stores or storage areas do not cause any concern. Where office/study, dayroom or games room type rooms are envisaged consideration is to be given to heating, natural light, ventilation, access, fire protection, etc. These types of room are termed habitable rooms and more stringent building regulations applying to them. The planning department will also pay closer examination of the application. Garages are unheated and therefore do not require insulating, habitable rooms do, this means that SAP calculations are required.

Can I incorporate green energy in to the garage?
The garage is ideal building for incorporating Green energy systems. There are a number of systems that can be added to the garage.

Solar photovoltaic's
Wind turbines
Small hydro
Solar thermal hot water
Ground/water/air source heat pumps
Renewable CHP
MicroCHP (Combined heat and power)
Fuel cells